Cold Wax Medium & Oil
(Feb. 2020)

Interested in oil painting but don't want to wait long for the paint to dry? You may be interested in using cold wax and oils as a medium. Find out more in this comprehensive workshop with the guidance of a renowned instructor. Experiment or make samples using your artistic expression!

Explore a gamut of techniques and materials used to work in this exciting and versatile medium. Complete a finished piece, or if you have any old paintings you don't like, this workshop will teach you how to embellish, salvage, or cover them.

Meets: (2) days Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(1-hour lunch break will be scheduled each day)
Dates: Feb. 29 & Mar. 1 in 2020
Location: Private Studio in Tucson, Arizona 85719, (Directions will be emailed by the instructor before the first day of class)

Instructor: Sherrie Posternak
Format: Demonstration, lecture, & one-on-one instruction provided during hands-on practice.
Level: Beginner to intermediate 

Medium: Cold Wax Medium & Oil

Technique: Specific to using cold wax and oils
Materials: No materials are needed, including studio equipment, tools, & all consumable materials. Bring notebook paper, pen or pencil. Several images of your favorite artist's work, a picture of any of your own favorite artwork (to share your artistic sensibility). Please wear closed-toed shoes and an apron while working in the studio.

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