Landscape Features in Watercolor: Painting Starry Night, Blue or Cloudy Skies (Apr. 2019)

Unearth new techniques in watercolor to make unique and beautiful skies! You may paint the sky true from observation or make it as interesting, dramatic, and awe-inspiring as you can imagine. Whether day or night, skies dictate the mood of any landscape painting. Discover techniques for painting various skies, including blues skies, cloudy skies, and fantastical starry night skies. Demonstrations will include mixing new and fresh colors with plenty of individual one-on-one instruction.

Watercolors by Stacy Egan

Meets: (3) Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (3-hour duration)
Dates: Apr. 20, 27, and May 4, 2019
Location: TPS Art Center (2447 N. Los Altos, Tucson, Arizona 85705)

Instructor: Stacy Egan
Format: Demonstration, lecture, & one-on-one instruction provided during hands-on practice.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Medium: Watercolor
Technique: Specific to Painting Landscape Features in Watercolor
Materials: The instructor will email the materials list before the first day of class.


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